Why I love to cook

I learned to cook from two wonderful women.  My Mother is an excellent cook, and so was my Grandmother.  Both of them have inspired me to “cook with love”.

I love cooking and baking for friends, family and co-workers, but I enjoy sharing my many recipes.  For a while I was baking for a local farm market and deli in my neighborhood. The farm market closed, and the deli changed owners.

My baked goodies have won several ribbons at my local farm fair, and I have had a few winning recipes published in my local newspaper.

Start with the basics, and then try your hand at more complicated dishes. Practice doesn’t hurt, especially when trying new recipes, and don’t try to make anything you wouldn’t eat – you’re going to need to taste test as you go along!

Keep it simple – too many spices and seasonings can ruin a dish. Take tomato sauce for instance – you want to taste the flavor of the tomatoes, not a pot full of spices!

I experiment with a lot of recipes, and I modify many of them to suit our taste buds. I also have a few recipes for people with dietary restrictions. I am working on some low-sugar and sugar-free baked goodies and desserts.

If you ever have a cooking or baking question or just need an idea for something different, feel free to send me an E-mail.